Benefits of a Fully Project Managed Service When Renovating Your Home.

Scrolling through Instagram, you see a few home accounts in the middle of demolition or a few posting some transformation Tuesday pics and it’s really giving you a sense of FOMO. How fun does it look to knock a few walls down and end up with a nice open plan kitchen? How about removing the avocado bathroom set in favour of a sleek matte black and chrome one maybe?

If these lot on Insta can do it, then why can’t you?!

Not to sound biased, but we definitely think you should go for it! However, we do think there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. Along with budget, time and space, we think one of the most important tools to consider using when embarking on a transformation journey, is a Project Manager.

“It’s just an added cost!” we hear you cry, “I can do it myself!” and we are not here to deter you from doing so, we just want you to contemplate all the options to save yourself the hassle mid project. To put it simply, the project manager is responsible for the smooth running of a construction project. They oversee every aspect of the project, let me take you through some of the responsibilities a project manager is expected to direct.

Planning: Obviously, the project manager needs to organise their own workload, but they also have a hand in laying out tasks for their team. A thorough project manager would need to forecast the work that will need to be done for a proposed project including; preparing work for the whole team, estimating costs, developing deliverable schedules and roadmaps for the onsite team.

Hiring, Firing, and Supervising: Considered the boss on the construction site, the project manager is also accountable for sourcing any subcontractors and labourers to help out onsite too. On the flip side and probably the more difficult side of the role, if the talent sourced doesn’t happen to work out, the project manager would also be responsible for letting them go. But once a good, reliable set of tradespeople have been found, it’s the project managers job to supervise and be their point of contact.

Keeping to the Timeframe: One of the many significant things that a project manager needs to stay on top of, is sticking to the timeframe. In order to keep the client happy, making sure to set a realistic timeframe and ensure the project is adhering to it is really important, of course there are times when a project may over run for many reasons but it’s for the project manager to communicate this to the client with plenty of warning, to make sure they’re in the loop and don’t show up to their new home on move in day with scaffolding still up and a brickie on their doorstep!

Staying in Budget: Yes, staying within the clients’ budget is a task for the Project Manager! Of course, it’s for everyone to keep an eye on, but a diligent project manager shouldn’t need to deviate from the agreed price range they are given, the vast majority of variations to that, should come from the client rather than unexpected increases.

Keeping Clients and Stakeholders in the Loop: Communication is key and with communication comes an element of trust and honesty from all parties. The project manager should be keeping communication channels open and updating the client, the onsite team, the office team and anyone else who needs to know, regularly. While they probably won’t be announcing every little screw and each tile that gets placed, anything significant should be passed along the chain.

Manage Any Disputes: This one is a big one that isn’t always considered when you decide to manage your own project. If there are any problems onsite with any tradesmen or suppliers, it is the concern of the project manager to diffuse. Keeping the site moving and peaceful is of utmost importance for the smooth running of the project, so nipping disagreements in the bud is a priority for any project manager.

Other responsibilities a successful project manager can include; planning and arranging visits to new potential clients, ensuring each client relationship receives the support and nurture it needs, coordinating support for their team onsite, managing risks and setting goals. So, hopefully you can really see the benefits of utilising the skills of a project manager and can see how it can really elevate your project while hopefully reducing a bit of stress that comes along with renovating your home.

At Olive and Umber, all of our projects come with a fully project manages service included.
With an inhouse project management team along with an incredibly knowledgeable team onsite and in the office, we truly believe that what we offer covers all the bases.

If you have a project on the horizon that you’re looking to discuss, please do just drop us an email to and one of our team will be more than happy to take you through the next steps.

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