Bringing the outside in.

O&U are huge advocates of sustainability and using natural elements to improve the home. The affects that surrounding yourself with the outdoors is just so pure that we thought it would be a great idea to put together a few steps you can take to start introducing your indoor space with the outdoors.

Promoting refreshed and calming emotions, it’s always a good idea to start inviting nature into your home.

Natural textures and patterns:

Think wicker, rattan, hemp or jute.These are all perfect examples of materials that are inspired by nature. You create a comfortable oasis to relax in just by choosing these types of materials. There’s loads of options from baskets to rugs to lampshades, this is a super simple yet affordable way to bring the outdoors to your relaxing space.


You can manipulate your use of colour to help with opening up your space to nature. Green will remind you of the earth, grass and plants. Blue is a refreshingly calm colour making you think of water and sky. Your yellows evoke a sense of freshness like the sun and fresh flowers. Toned down neutrals such as tans, beiges and whites make your interiors feel natural and clean. You can introduce these colours to your walls, wall art and other finishings. The changes you make can be as permanent as you want them to be.


Wood, cork and bamboo are all materials that feel warm and natural. Psychologically you think of these choices as warmer than the cold man-made alternatives. They’re sturdy, hardwearing options that will bring in outdoors beautifully.


Another super simple way to get that sweet, sweet nature within your four walls. Consider rocks, sea shells, glass jars of sand, wood, pampas, dried flowers, just a few elements you can take advantage of to attempt to bring the outdoors in. You can even use these elements as a bit of a souvenir exercise, think of all the beaches you visited to collect the shells!

Explore your sense:

You can also trick yourself into thinking your outdoors from the comfort of your sofa by thinking about your other senses! Incense, potpourri and candles have all come a long way in recent years to emulate the scents of the outdoors without crossing over into artificial. If you’re looking for a less intrusive way to convince yourself of the outdoors, there are loads of options to fill you room with he sound of nature! Rainfall, birds singing, waves or wind, just take a look at your music provider!


I’ve talked about cost effective methods but how about a free one? Natural light costs absolutely nothing and is so easy to introduce into the home. You don’t need floor to ceiling windows or skylights, just swap out your heavy drapery with lighter fabrics in rooms where you want to make a bit brighter. Sunshine improves your mood and makes humans feel wonderful! Let that light pour in and you’ll instantly feel a bit more chipper than usual!

Open you windows:

Another free one for you, get your windows open and let some fresh air in! Rooms can become stuffy and stagnant so just by throwing open your windows and doors for a bit can really rejuvenate a room and make is so much more pleasant to be in.

Follow trends:

There’s a cool trend happening at the moment where people are using fruits and vegetables to decorate. Practical and looks great! Using lemons, limes and mint etc. make for a visual and aromatic centre piece.


Choose eco-friendly materials for your home. Bedding, towels, cleaning products and throws all come with their eco-friendly counter-parts. By making these small changes you’ll feel closer to the earth because you’re doing something for it at the same time!

These are just a handful of quick and easy ways you can instantly bring the outside, inside. Not every change needs to be a big permanent gesture, nature is incredibly accessible for all so hopefully we’ve been able to inspire so of you to welcome the outdoors into your home.

Design & Build

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