When renovating your new or existing home, there are many factors to take into account if you’re tempted by the DIY route.

I find myself scrolling through Instagram and seeing other people’s DIY achievements and convincing myself that I can do it too, but in reality I not only don’t have the skillset, but I don’t have the time. It’s handy if you’ve got a partner or family member in the trade but not everyone does.

Having said this, I truly believe that there is room for both arguments on whether you should be giving it a go yourself or perhaps hiring a professional.



Starting with the pros of hiring a contractor, I think the most important one will be the comfort of knowing any contractor worth their salt will offer some form of warranty or guarantee on the work they complete (you might hear us call it a defect period). This means that you will be protected if something goes awry

Professional Finish:

There’s a reason that professionals do these jobs for a living. They are the experts in their field,  therefore should know exactly how to complete any work they undertake. You’d like to think that the job gets done right the first time, limiting the need to correct or fix anything when they leave.


If you need something done quickly and correctly, a contractor is your best bet. They are hired on the basis that they agree to complete a project within a certain timeframe, to a certain standard. When you’re looking to go down the DIY route, you may need to take time out to research, buy the materials, prep the workspace etc. all while you carry on your normal day to day life. I don’t know about anyone else, but sometimes when I get in from work the last thing I want to do is tile my kitchen backsplash.

Access to connections:

When you hire a contractor, you get access to their connections too, which is a huge benefit. They more than likely would have dealt with carpenters, electricians, masonry experts and landscapers to name a few. A contractor will always be happy to recommend someone for any job you might need doing either now or in the future.



The most attractive aspect of doing it yourself is the light price tag that is often associated with it. I would advise that you do your research thoroughly when taking on a DIY project though, while you would assume it would be the more budget friendly option, it might ended up costing more than you think. I don’t know many people that have some of the tools needed for a complete home renovation just lying around!

Learning a new skill:

Pushing ahead with the strong independent individual doing it themselves, it’s such a good opportunity to learn a surprisingly useful skill. It could help with any future maintenance jobs you might have called a professional out for before. Be warned though, once your parents find out what a dab hand at it you are, they will ask you to do all of their odd jobs too.

It’s fun:

Doing it yourself is only worth it if you enjoy it. There are so many people that love the challenge of learning how to fit a new kitchen countertop or laying carpet but there are others that just don’t have the head for it, and that’s ok too! You need so much patience to do DIY but the high you get at the end of it certainly makes it all worth it.

I think that as long as you have the motivation to do so, give DIY a go, you can always hire someone afterwards to clear up your mess! You also must remember to be safe, there are some jobs that it is vital you hire a professional for, if it’s something that can affect the integral structure or workings of the home such as electrics and you have no experience, I would strongly urge you to a professional in.

If you’re anything like me and you’d prefer to have a professional take care of the bulk of the work, Olive & Umber provides a Design and Build package for those of you wanting extensive work done to your property. We can facilitate the design of your project all the way through to handing the keys back when the work is done! If this sounds like something you need then drop us an email to info@olive-umber.co.uk and we would be more than happy to answer any questions.