Should you stay or should you go?

I can’t just give you the answer, sorry!

It has to come from you, but what I can do is take you through some of the things you should take into account when you’re considering relocating vs renovating.



  • Maybe you just need a fresh start, which I think is the strongest argument for moving. A different home can also be a new beginning. You get a new home a long with new surroundings which is sometimes all you need. You’ll get different neighbours, new shops and a better environment for you and your family to take advantage of. Not to mention, all of this is also mega good for the brain too!

  • You might be wanting to move from one type of home to another. If you’re currently in a flat and are ready for a house, no amount of refurbishment is going to be your solution to this. While you can still make changes to a flat, unless you buy the building out, you can’t make it into a house in its own right.

  • When you renovate your home, you’ll be dealing with contractors and their team and sometimes, people just don’t want that. It’s a perfectly fine opinion to have, some people might think it will be easier on them to move to a house that approximately fits what they’re after rather than putting the hours and work into transforming their current abode.


  • Relocating is not cheap. Once you’ve paid your fees and have organised your paper work, the price of doing up vs selling up is a significant difference.

  • Say you’ve decided to move, you had a specific idea as to what you want your next home to look like, you’ve scrolled through Insta and Pinterest and you’ve got the vision. What are the chances of your dream home being on the market and in your price range? While not impossible, it’s quite slim. You may even end up moving and deciding to renovate anyway, why not cut out the middle man and renovate your current home into your dream home to start with?

  • In contrast to wanting a fresh start, you might like the area you live in and not want to move! Your friendly neighbours, cheery postman, shops and schools around you will be hard to just up and leave without the guarantee that your new place will have as much of a community feel as before.



  • Going hand in hand with its con mentioned above, renovating will cost less than buying a new home. It just will. This isn’t me saying that renovation is cheap at all! But if you’re comparing the two and price is one of your big ticks on your list, I would definitely recommend considering doing your home up before jumping on an estate agents website.

  • How good would it be if you could add value to your home?! If you have plans for the home that will improve how its lived in, you may be adding value which will be beneficial to you in the long run. Opening up the kitchen or doing a loft conversion could really increase your homes marketability so if it gets to a time when moving is your only option, your home gives you a return on investment.

  • You get to put your own stamp on the property. You might have wild ideas on a kitchen feature or gadget that will make your life easier, maybe it’s retractable socket ports in the middle of a table or a hidden toaster shelf, there are loads of little features like this that really make your home unique to you. 


  • This one doesn’t relate to everyone, I know it’s not a club I’m part of but not everyone finds the renovation process fun. The design and planning process might be exciting for you but the actual work side of things can be a bit stressful. Especially the middle bit when your house just looks a mess but I always say, trust the process because it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

  • Most people are understanding of a building project, most. But you will need to be aware that any project, whether it’s doing a small extension to a ground up renovation, is going to affect your surrounding neighbours too. It’s worth considering whether the people living next door and across the street are tolerant enough to cope with the disturbance.

Final thoughts

  • Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do I really want to move?
  • Realistically, what is my price range?
  • Is my house suitable for the level or renovation I want?
  • Is it viable for me to do both?

Clearly, there’s a lot to consider here. A large chunk of the decision quite naturally will be financial, but you’ll need to reflect on the emotional impact of your plans too.

Some ties are hard to cut and many of them can be difficult to replace, if not impossible.

Taking your time to contemplate and explore of the avenues available to you is vital in order to make the right choice for you and everyone involved.

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