We would like to introduce our newest addition, Habattach.

This coming week is the week we start to share more details with you and how this product could help change the shape of your home, quite literally.

As a completely separate business to Olive & Umber, the purpose of Habattach is to tap into a market that we are currently not able to reach. Olive & more currently offers a fully project managed, turnkey service that often comes with a higher price point due to the expertise involved. Tom’s desire to share his knowledge and expertise with all was not being met and we could see that there was a large part of the population that would not want to use our services as they are.

Two years in the making…

We thought of the idea nearly two years ago now and have been waiting for the opportunity to plough some much needed time and attention into developing it into something real. Although lockdown has challenged us is many ways, the one positive to come out of it was allowing us a good amount of time and free space for the ideas to flow and make sense. We just couldn’t sit on this one any longer and have finally been able to make it a reality.

Custom. Convenient. Cost-effective.

We will be bringing you custom, pre-manufactured, extension solutions at an affordable price point without having to lose out on the design and quality aspect. Initially there will be two design options ‘Hab1’ and Hab2’ each offering something different to the homeowner. Each product will have a set price point, which means what you see is what you get!

We feel this will be a breath of fresh air in the industry with so many unknowns ultimately pricing people out of being able to extend their properties.

...custom, pre-manufactured extension solutions at an affordable price point, without having to lose out on the design and quality aspect

The same Olive & Umber values

Habattach carries the same values as Olive & Umber and will have customer service and quality at the forefront of everything it does. We can’t wait to share more details with you over these next few weeks on the lead up to the grand reveal of our website on launch day, 31st July! You can follow @habattach on Instagram and sign up for email updates over at www.habattach.com