I am going to make this unquestionably simple and go through the Pro’s and Con’s of both options when jumping on your projects journey.

Let’s kickoff with a Self Managed Project


• It allows you to drive the project at your own pace.

• You can draft in the help of friends and relatives.

• The sense of achievement of being able to do it yourself suits some people.

• The cost will be less as you will not be paying for Project and Site Managers.


• You take all the responsibility and liability for the project.

• You are not a construction expert therefore lack of skills and understanding may mean costly mistakes and bad workmanship may happen.

• You won’t necessarily have access to tried and tested specialist contractors. This could mean you may be let down by subcontractors who are not ideal.

• Tick tock, tick tock. Time plays the biggest part in the making or the breaking of a project. Without a tightly managed project the time will overrun and overrunning usually mean further costs.

The sense of achievement of being able to do it yourself suits some people...

Let’s take a look at a Project Managed Project


• It will pass all the legal risks and liability on to the main contractor. It is important that they are fully insured and also need to be compliant with HSE requirements, so make sure you check this out.

• The project will move forwards quickly with less chance of overruns and being over budget.

• You can carry on living your life and doing what you do best.

• You will have one point of contact during the build.

• You can rely on a team that know what they are doing.

• You can relax and actually enjoy the process as all the major aspects are taken care of.

• You can also feel comfortable that the project is being managed from start to finish with a great overview from the main contractor. • Ultimately you will get a better finish due to the phasing of works being fully understood by the professional in charge.


• It will be more expensive that completing the works by yourself.

• It can be fast paced, so comes with a lot of decisions being made early on to allow for a faster more efficient schedule.

Time for a change…

‏‏‏I can see why Self -Managed suits some people out there but as much as you probably think I am being biased, I really am personally more suited to the Project Managed option! The above makes me feel stressed just thinking about it and I know that I would want my hard earned money to be spent on something I know will stand the test of time and not take a significant timeline to complete!

Each to their own, it is nice to see the Pros and Cons on the same page and will hopefully give you some food for thought.

If you have any questions at all then drop us a line! We are always happy to help. You can email us at info@olive-umber.co.uk or telephone 01572 495099.