What is a design and build service?

Now that number one on your home improvement tick list has been complete, y’know, the one where you need to convince your partner that you should be doing this in the first place, it’s time to take a look at the rest of the items on this seemingly endless list.

You’ll need to start considering roughly what it is that you want. Starting to envision what you’d like the final result to look like will help when you’re deciding how you’d like to go about doing the renovation. There are a couple of options to consider but today we’ll be talking about Design & Build.

D&B is a newish player on the block when it comes to the routes you can take when deciding to renovate your home. Design & Build may be a bit familiar to some of our regular blog readers because if you’ve been looking around O&U’s website or social media, you may have heard us use it quite a few times. But what actually is it?

Design & Build is a service that some contractors will offer that allow you to have your whole project handled under one roof. The design and construction aspect of your project is facilitated by one single contractor as opposed to what may be seen as the traditional route of appointing consultants or separate architect to design the development before seeking a contractor to actually construct the work. By doing it this way, the risk is reduced for the client and also means we’re able to reduce the delivery schedule too by overlapping the design phase and the construction phase of a project which means your dream home can be completed just a bit sooner than you first thought!

So, the contractor is responsible for the designing, planning, organising and has control of the construction of the works to the clients requirements. It makes the process a lot smoother, one of the best benefits of looking at a D&B project is the fact that our client won’t have to act as a middle man between an architect and the builder, the D&B contractor will handle all communications to anyone involved with the project. On paper, this may not look like it could be quite as stress inducing for an one person to be the main point of contact but it can quickly become overwhelming when that person  is not quite as experienced in the jargon and ego massaging ways to deal with certain individuals in the industry!

So where does O&U fit in to this? For us, Design & Build is our flagship offering, it’s a service we’re incredibly proud of and these types of project really give us a chance to flex our design muscles. A D&B project, for us, really highlights the trust that a client has in us to execute their plans because we get to be involved with the project from the very first tentative moments, all the way through to completion. 

Lets take a look at the process for a usually O&U Design & Build project. So, typically our D&B service is aimed at those people that are at the beginning of their journey without any architect plans. Working with an in-house design team, we can take care of the project from design stage, all the way through to completion. Keeping it under one roof can help manage the design with the clients budget keeping the timeline effective and the dream realistic. 

One of the top tips that we always preach at O&U is to design within budget! By choosing the D&B option, we keep the budget very much in sight throughout the design process, making sure that we getting you what you want as close to the price range you’ve outlined for us. Working under one roof shows just how efficient and completely smooth D&B can be.

The process will look very much like this:

  • Consultation
  • Quote for design phase
  • Submission of plans to local authority
  • Plan approval
  • Final project costings
  • Project start date booked in
  • Finalising of fixtures and fittings
  • Start of project
  • Construction phase
  • Completion.

All of our projects come with a full project managed service included. This means your whole project is overseen by experts who know just how to handled onsite antics with the utmost professionalism, making sure to tick boxes as they go along. The rest of our team work with you ensuring lines of communication are always free and flowing, making sure that you feel in the loop and part of the journey.

We keep customer service at the very front of our minds throughout a project. It’s incredibly important to us that a client feel confident and comfortable working with us, as our goal is to ultimately, bring your dream home into reality.

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer, please feel free to send us an email on info@olive-umber.co.uk where our team would love to discuss your project with you