Usually on the O&U blog we talk about handy hints and tips that we feel our readers would benefit from when thinking about going through a renovation project. In todays blog we thought it might be fun and a bit fun and different for us to go through each of our departments and let you know who’s who at O&U!
This way, if you ever decide to get in contact with us, you’ll know exactly who you’re talking to!

Our Directors

O&U is driven by our two Directors, husband and wife due, Tom & Claire. Both naturally falling under different umbrellas in the business, Tom has more of a hand in the Business Development and Operations side of things. This is mainly due to the fact that the construction industry is Tom’s playground, it’s an industry he’s grown up surrounded by and one that he loves. With huge amounts of technical knowledge and experience, Tom is most comfortable when he’s got a jam packed schedule.
The other half of our dynamic directing duo is Claire. Taking on more of a creative standpoint with the business, Claire recognised that Olive & Umber needed to work on their online presence. This included social media and the website itself needing a bit more personalisation. Before she knew it, Claire fell into a Marketing and PR role! Also taking charge of the HR side of things, Claire gets to express her analytical brain along side the creative side through both roles.

Customer Service

Starting out as an Admin Assistant at O&U, we knew Rachel was destined for a bigger role within the company, we just needed to figure out where. Within 3 months, Rachel made her move into Business Development Manager. With exception customer service skills and the ability to soak up knowledge as quickly as she hears it, the role suited our Rachel to a tee. Assisting Tom in procuring new clients and leads, she also has a hand in the various client/architect facing meetings within the office too, she definitely has a talent for growing professional relationships.
James is our current Office Admin Assistant, an absolute godsend in a pivotal time of growth for O&U, James is much more involved in each department than what the title suggests. Being the gatekeeper of our phone system, he will most likely be one of the first voices you hear if you were to ever ring in. He has a huge hand in taking pressure off other departments by jumping in and helping out wherever he can, particularly with Business Development and Operations, he also possesses the skill of absorbing information, taking a pragmatic approach and completing tasks quick and efficiently. He also handles our coffee subscription; we genuinely wouldn’t get through a week without him!


Let’s take a look at our Operations Department, Matt is our Project Manager. He oversees each of our projects and makes sure that they’re running smoothly and as they should be. Taking charge of site meetings, Matt is the man to speak to about any updates about your project and will have all the answers to your questions! Matt started out as one of O&U’s first apprentices, it was abundantly clear that Matt was skilled enough to move up the ranks quickly. Completing his apprenticeship in carpentry, he stepped into a Site Supervisor role before being brought into the office and beginning his journey as our Project Manager.
The newest addition to our office team, Craig is our Procurement Manager. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry, Craig’s role works alongside Matt’s, providing advice on predicted costings of a job and preparing reports to ensure that we continue to stick to our budget. He’s also in charge of sourcing and assessing the reliability of sub-contractors and suppliers that we use.
Judd is not only the office entertainment in the form of his singing along to the radio, he also happens to be our Operations Assistant. The Operations department actually began with Judd, before it was just Tom! Judd started out as an on site apprentice but Tom recognised that Judd would be incredibly useful in the office. His calm demeanour and quick thinking meant that he was perfect for the role of Operations Assistant, offering Judd this next step, Judd accepted and has been a crucial member of the office ever since. His main duties include assisting Craig in his role, helping to procure materials and tools for the site, arranging the site to be prepped and scheduling the on site teams so that they know where they’re going to be in the coming week. He’s also always keen to get himself back on the tools at any opportunity so is happy to lend a hand where he can.


Our Marketing Department recently grew to include Victoria, our Marketing Assistant. Starting out as an Admin Assistant after Rachel made her move, Victoria was quite vocal about her interest in helping out with the marketing side of the business. Both Claire & Tom were super supportive of this, handing over tasks that related to the social media side of things until it was possible for Victoria to move to marketing full time. Handling engagement and posting on Instagram and Facebook and writing blogs, since stepping into the role the Marketing team made up of Claire & Victoria have big plans for the O&U socials.

Site Team

Our site team is full of a very skillful bunch who work incredibly hard to complete projects and they truly do smash it out of the park each and every time. Let’s introduce our site teams!
First up we have our Site Supervisors, we’ve managed to collect some very experienced and dedicated individuals to help us drive our project forward and get them completed to the standard that we’re proud to shout about. Having various expertise’s, our Site Supervisors keep their sites running to tight schedules and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the process. Each member of our on site team is expected to pitch in and push to get each stage of the project completed within the given time frame. Each Supervisor is the captain of the project on a daily basis. At the moment our superstar Site Supervisor team consists of John and Iain who specialise in Carpentry and we have another James who specialises in Groundwork.
Next up, is Tristan, previously starting out as Matt’s apprentice before Matt made the move to the office, Tristan is our Site Assistant. He is much more flexible than other members of the on site teams and his duties are to assist our Site Supervisors with running their site. Because of his flexibility, it means we can really utilise his skills on whichever site needs his help the most at that time. Also, a huge learning opportunity for Tristan, he’s able to continue to perfect his craft along with learning the practical aspects of running a site.
We also have a plumbing team made up of Gary! With lots of experience, Gary has been so valuable to O&U, being flexible enough to travel to our active sites for the first and second fix plumbing jobs, Gary is also never afraid to get stuck in when needed too. When he’s not needed for plumbing jobs on our active sites, we also take on bathroom fit out jobs for the local area making sure to take advantage of all of Gary’s skills.
Our last team on site consists of Reece, Morgan, Kane and Emily. These lot make up our apprentices and are each paired with one of our Site Supervisors/assistants. We’ve been really lucky with this team as they’re all keen to learn and get some hands on experience. Each of them know how valuable an apprenticeship in construction can be and aren’t shy to take on new challenges.
So this is our current O&U bunch! We’re sure that there will be changes in the future in many forms from on boarding new people to role changes and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for the O&U team!
If you have a project that you would like to discuss with us, pop us an email to and one of our expert, friendly team will be in touch to talk through how we can help with your project.
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