There are many reasons that you may want to freshen up your home. This could be on multiple levels from redecorating to re-roofing, however, I am going to write about the most common reasons that we come across when people are approaching Olive & Umber for advice.

Improve Vs Move

The latest surge of people improving their homes rather than moving has been a big reason why people do projects to their properties. The family may have grown and they need more space, so instead of moving they will extend the property to make a bigger kitchen and living area and maybe add an extra bedroom or bathroom. This is a great option if you love your home and the location it is in. Moving is a huge upheaval and has a big cost attached. In the time it would take to sell your house you could have a completed newly improved home.

‏Although a lot of people like to add to their properties, it is not all about extensions.

We also have people approach us who have already got enough space overall however it is not divided in a way that makes sense to the way they live. A simple reconfiguration to their property can change the way they live and allow them to really enjoy their home. This process is extremely cost effective as technically nothing is being added but you are gaining more useable space. Makes sense, right?


‏With the subject of Climate Change being at the forefront and the need for us to become more sustainable, this is something we need to be thinking of when looking at our homes.

Old windows and doors along with heating and hot water systems are not cost effective and use more energy than new versions. Updating these will have benefits for you and the planet.

This is also the case for insulation in your home. Well insulated walls and lofts are essential in order to help keep the heat in your home. All of the above will save you money and make your home super efficient to run.

Sometimes, a change is just what you need!

Time for a change…

‏‏‏There is also another very simple reason that people want to embark on a project and this is due to the fact that they just fancy an update, a change, a good old refresh. Just like when you go to the hairdressers and chop all your hair off. Sometimes a change is just what you need and the bonus is that this kind of change is completely in your hands! It’s the good kind of change, not the scary change.

If you are thinking that a bit of a change to your home is on the horizon then send us an email to or give us a ring on 01572 495099. Speak soon!